Llewellin Setter Puppies for Sale

Mitchell's Llewellin Setters

Ching and Molly's pups were whelped on October 27, 2018. She had two males and four  females. The two males and two of the females are tri-colored. This is a repeat breeding with excellent reviews. These have all been sold.

Petey and Macy's pups were whelped November 3, 2018. She had twelve pups. There is one female left.

​Dan and Sally's pups were whelped  November 9, 2018. She had seven pups and one female and three males left. This is a repeat breeding with excellent reviews.  These have all been sold.


Coming from a family that has hunted over setters for at least three generations I am very familiar with their characteristics. As you can tell from owning more than twenty grown Llewellin Setters it is obvious I am partial to them. I love this breed and my breeding practices are to improve their qualities but keeping the characteristics that they are known for in tact.  I am a very meticulous breeder.
As you can see Ching and Molly are mostly Dashing Bondhu. This was the name R. L. Purcell Llewellin kept as his kennel  line.  Both of their pedigrees include the OLN’s Hunting with Hank (Henry Princeof Pause) Ching does have a little of the Bomber line in him. This is a line developed in America. Ching is a very methodical hunter and has bird sense as well as a great nose.
Molly is mostly Dashing Bondhu with a little of the Royacelle and Blizzard line that were also developed in America. I owned five other dogs in her pedigree that were excellent hunters and very social around people and other dogs..
Both the Sire and the Dam are all day hunters and have a great personality and love to be around people. They are just great hunting companions and family companions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or Ginger. 


Visit us at Mitchell's Llewellin Setters facebook page to view pictures of our previous pups and updates on how they are doing .

Please feel free to call either of us (Ronnie 248-933-3804 or Ginger 248-933-3803) or email (rgmllewellin@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

We breed some of the finest Pure Dashing Bondhu puppies that can be registered with the FDSB. These are all DNA certified Llewellin Setters. We also breed some of the finest imported lines from Ireland, Scotland and Belgium. We have Advie, Wind'em D'Hurlain Pre and Dashing Bondhu bloodlines. We are very proud of our bloodlines and the exceptional care we take in breeding to continue these bloodlines.