Petey is a great hunting companion. He is a very hard hunter.  I raised his Sire and Dam in our kennel and his Sire's parents.  He has hunted in MS., South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa 

Mitchell's Advie Little Joe

Spunky lives in Indiana with Jim Yeryar. We owned his Sire and Dam. He is as pure Dashing Bondhu as you will find in the US.

Mitchell's Petey Bondhu
Mitchell's Petey Bondhu
Mitchell's Advie Jet

Ching  is a chestnut belton and is mostly Dashing Bondhu. He is a very methodical hunter. He is the Sire of our chestnut and white pups.

Dan  is of imported breeding. His lines are very hard to fine that have not been crossed with some American bloodlines.

Mitchell's Llewellin Setters

Chester is a chestnut and white of pure Dashing Bondhu bloodlines.  He was very natural to train to point, back and retrieve. He will be a Sire in our kennel. 

Dashford Dan
Earlywine's Ching Bondhu

We are very meticulous with our breeding to maintain the high standard of bloodlines we have.  All our Llewellin Setters are DNA certified and registried in FDSB. Please click the pedigrees to enlarge for easier viewing. 

Jet is from Alderbrook Gunner's last litter.  He are out of a pure Dashing Bondhu female. 

Mitchell's Bondhu Chester
Mitchell's Spunky Bondhu

Little Joe  is a Sire which our kennel owned both of his parents. He is mostly of Alderbrook breeding. He is very affeciate and has hunted in several states with Petey.